Gold Prospecting Closer Than You Think!

22 Apr
Like many of you, my interest in Gold Prospecting didn't start until a few years ago. I was watching television when Gold Fever came on. At first I thought the show was a joke. But as Tom Massie explained how gold is washed down from the hills and settled in creeks, something clicked. I watched as Tom set up a sluice box and started to dig for Gold. I laughed to myself thinking, “Can it really be this simple?”. Tom started cleaning up the material colleced in the sluice box and was panning it out. Much to my surprise, he had gold in his pan.
Since that time I have joined the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America) and GPTHA (Gold Prospectors & Treasure Hunters of America) located near York PA. In doing research for Gold Prospecting in Pennsylvania, I found out that there are many places, just a few hours away from where I live, where I can prospect for gold. Armed with my Yabby Gold Sucker, Mini Drop Riffle Sluice Box and Google Earth Maps I'm off on my next big adventure.
It just goes to show you that you don't have to travel all the way to Alaska or California to find gold. Sometimes it's in your own back yard. We here a have a pretty complete list of Free & Pay Gold Panning Locations and Clubs all over the country . The Gold List is a work in progress, if you have any suggestions to add to our list then please let me know.

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